The Super Blue Moon of 30th August 2023

A preparatory trip to Crater Lake, Oregon for the Annular Solar Eclipse of 14 October 2023.

It could hardly be called blue, but in fact it was reddish and then yellowish. and then it kept on brightening as it rose upwards, over the Manesar Suburbia.

Oh, and yes, it was quite Super! The sky had completely cleared of all clouds purposefully for this Super Moon to be visible right from the horizon. As I kept on gazing towards the direction, it appeared hazy, large and looming over this Indian flag.

Neelam & Ajay Talwar

The term ‘Blue Moon’ does not refer to the colour of the Moon, but it just a statistical reference to the second Full Moon occurring in a calendar month – August 1st & August 31st.

The term Super Moon is again a coincidence when the instance of Full Moon coincides closely with the phenomena of Perigee, when the Moon is closest to Earth, and the Moon looks larger than usual. A scientific translation of ‘Super Moon’ would be – Full Moon near Perigee.

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