Hindustan Tibet Road


Several adjective phrases are firmly attached with the Hindustan Tibet Road –

  • It is the oldest, and only road in the past, between India and Tibet.
  • A great journey and trek along the Sutlej River.
  • One of the most “Deadliest Road” in the world.
  • An Engineering Feat
  • The One Wall Tunnel road


The Hindustan Tibet road was built by the British, started in 1850. The road once connected the erstwhile princely state of Rampur Bushair to Tibet. Originally the Hindustan Tibet Road started from Shimla. But now, the NH22 (which is not exactly the Hindustan Tibet Road) starts from Ambala. Presently the road is in good condition and is the lifeline of the Apple Bowl of India. Vehicles of all sizes and shapes can be seen ferrying cartons of Apples down the hills, all day and all night.

Here is an image of the Hindustan Tibet road shot from Hatu Peak looking towards Narkanda. The bright star Arcturus, of the Herdsman – Bootes, shines above the old and busy road. Snow-capped Himalayan peaks can be discerned in the distance above as well as green airglow in the atmosphere.

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